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James Draven - National Geographic

Adams stops us in our tracks and says, "Keep an eye out, its going to take flight any moment." A few seconds later not one but two of the brightest, most colorful birds to ever evade detection slowly and gracefully paint a delicate stroke of blue and lime across the dappled olive-green backdrop.

Jeannie Jennings - Ontario, Canada


We took a moment to appreciate the estuary behind us, a chance for a couple more photos of the green mangrove forest at the mouth of the river. We turned to look ahead when we noticed that Vision and our four year old daughter were a few paces ahead, he was showing her crabs in the sand. We looked at each other in acknowledgement, he made the tour great for our whole family.

Carol Honer - Nature Photographer

to St. Lucia for a combined vacation visiting friends and touring. We hired Adams for 2 days and he was able to find us all the endemic species and most of the other lesser Antillean and Caribbean specialties to be had.

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Experience the Landforms

The Pitons, World Heritage Site, volcanic Sulphur Springs, Pigeon Island, Grand Anse Bay and Moule a Chique offer some of natures most breathtaking landforms to explore. 

Discover the People

Intense history and rich culture offer clues to the lovable, proud country and its people, real St. Lucians. Visit 18th century battle forts and pre-columbian settlements

Witness the Biodiversity

2500 species have been recorded on the island, 200 of which including Jaquot, live exclusively within the rain and dry forests, mangrove wetlands and botanical gardens.

Delight in Local Cuisine

The Castries Market is named top 10 in the world by National Geographic. Culinary heritage is a mix of British, French, East Indian, African and Amerindian traditions.  

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